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Railway station building Luzna near Rakovnik (Luzna u Rakovnika).



June 7, 2023. | Photographed August 30, 2022.
The fourth installment of photography in the railway museum contains a total of ninety photographs, so it was necessary to divide them into two parts. The first of them starts at the railway station in Luzna near Rakovnik, then, already in the museum premises, follows Laminatka (Laminate), diesel-electric locomotives and motor cars. Of course, steam locomotives cannot be missing. In both parts, this time more attention is paid to large rail cranes and loaders.

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Photographic camera Nikon Z7II.


Nikon Z7II.

Lens Nikon Nikkor Z 24 – 70 mm f/4 S.


Nikkor Z 24 – 70 mm f/4 S.

Circular photographic filter.


Hoya Fusion Antistatic SMC UV 72 mm.

Photographic tripod.


View to the eastern part of the railway station Luzna near Rakovnik (Luzna u Rakovnika). Buildings at the station Luzna near Rakovnik (Luzna u Rakovnika). Light signal S6 signals Stop. Repaired warehouse building on the railway station Luzna near Rakovnik (Luzna u Rakovnika). Brejlovec T478 3101 (753 101-5). Railway water pump. Locomotive S 485.044. Side part of the Laminatka. On the left is the wash place, on the right is one of the undercarriage lighting lamps. Production table of the locomotive Laminatka. Head of the Laminatka. The front (upper) part of the rail crane 419 106-8 arm. Rail crane 419 106-8. Crane pulleys 419 106-8. Crane arm 419 106-8. Arm tilt indicator. Crane 419 106-8. Double-wheels of the railway cars. Blue passenger car Ce3-3274. Motor car M 262.076. Side wall with motor vehicle designation M 262.076. Brown electric locomotive. Locomotive T 478.1148 (751 148-8). Locomotive T 478.1148 (751 148-8). CKD sign on the locomotive T 478.1148 (751 148-8). Locomotive T 478.1148 (751 148-8). Three motor cars. On the left M 152.0002, next to it two M 131. Motor car M 131.1463. Motor car M 152.0002. Motor car M 152.0002 behind the birch branches. Production plate of motor vehicle M 152.0002. Side part with motor car designation M 152.0002. Second class non-smokers. Locomotive T 669.0001. Table on the side of Bumblebee. The Bumblebee tank. Boiler car BMB-ČMD R 557155 Fanto Pardubice. Steam locomotives at the turntable. Steam locomotives in the left part of the roundhouse. Steam locomotives. Steam locomotive 524.1110. Steam locomotive 310.127. Parní lokomotiva 434.1100. Steam locomotive 524.1110 in front of the roundhouse. Steam locomotive cab 434.1100 and tender 516.0163. View from the roundhouse towards the turntable, steam locomotive 310.127 on the left. Inside the roundhouse. Brass cocks of oil reservoirs. Electrical equipment cabinet door.

© Martin Mojzis, 2023.
Photographies: © Martin Mojzis, 2022.

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