Martin Mojzis / Fine Art Photography and Graphic Art Atelier.
Steam locomotive 477.043, called also Parrot.

Railway (railroad) Museum in Luzna near Rakovnik III.


October 27, 2018, photographed October 20, 2018.
Bright autumn colors, trees, shrubs and leaves; the white clouds, that smoothes the sun's rays; beautifully repaired locomotives and railway cars. A lens with short focal length tells images of light, to carefully save memories, until the museum doors open again at spring. From Luzna I am always returning with gladness and optimism.

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Photographic camera Canon EOS 6D.


Canon EOS 6D.

Photographic lens Canon EF 17 – 40 mm 1:4 L USM.


Canon EF 17 – 40 mm 1:4 L USM.

Photographic circular filter.


Hoya HD UV 77 mm.

Photographic tripod.


Steam locomotive 422.062. Diesel locomotive T 478.3101, called Brejlovec. The locomotive T 669.0001. The diesel locomotive T 334.004. The diesel locomotive T 444.030 Karkulka. The express train steam locomotive T 387.043, called Mikado. Steam locomotive T 354.7152. Steam locomotive T 556.0506. Steam locomotive T 556.0506. Diesel locomotive 749.250-7. A steam locomotive waits before the workroom for boiler repair. Look to workrooms. The locomotive E 212.001, called Kolobezka (the Scooter), rests in the hall. Electric locomotive E 669.001 (180.001-0), called the Six-wheeler. Diesel locomotive T478.1158 (row 751). Diesel locomotive T478.1158 (row 751). Cream yellow and red historic raiway wagons. Two-deck passenger car Bpjo. Blue passenger railway wagon. Birches, golden leaves and narrow gauge railway tracks. Autumn in the railway museum. The diesel locomotive T 679.1600, called Sergej. Diesel locomotive T 466.0286. Golden oak leaves. Steam locomotive called Parrot at a different angle and dimmer light. Silent corner on the side wall of the engine roundhouse. A view toward the turntable and flood of golden leaves. Operating steam engine T 434.1100. Peace afternoon on the turntable. Steam locomotives and little small T 211.0101. Photograph from railway (railroad) museum in Luzna near Rakovnik in Czech Republic. Steam locomotive wheelframe. An interesting railroad building at the railway crossing. Water pump at the station Luzna near Rakovnik. Station building in Luzna near Rakovnik in Czech Republic. Look inside station building in Luzna near Rakovnik in Czech Republic. A window of a snack stand. Railway station in Luzna near Rakovnik in Czech Republic.

© Martin Mojzis, 2018.
Photographies: © Martin Mojzis, 2018.

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