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Canon EOS R.



☼ January 31, 2019.
After publishing all the photographs in the articles about the lenses, I almost do not want to write anything more – everyone has already made his/her own opinion. What perhaps should be interesting to mention is the overall impression of the new system left in me.

The quality of the photographs is excellent, the same, if not better than other Canon cameras with similar resolution (6D Mark II, 5D Mark IV). The electronic viewfinder is of good quality and can be used well. On slightly different controls, I can get used to it quickly and I did not problem even have the R or 6D changing. From the new stuff is a very good control ring on RF lenses and adapter. The appearance of the new device is very tasteful and pleasant, especially a new all-metal RF mount in satin matt finish.

As for the lenses, I've written everything in individual articles. It is a cutting edge, in two cases (28 - 70 mm and 50 mm) more specialized optics. Who needs an universal lens, will be very happy with the new RF 24 - 105 mm.

I look forward to cheaper monofocal lenses, such as 50 mm 1 : 1.4, 24 and 28 mm 1 : 2.8, 85 mm 1 : 1.8, 135 mm 1 : 2.8 etc. Their smaller dimensions, weight and price will please many photographers on the road and the less complicated optical design, together with small flange distance, could lead to extraordinary sharpness and microcontrast, necessary for landscape photography. I was very pleased with the adapter for EF lenses, especially the confirmed Canons EOS R ability to work with these lenses practically unlimited.

Canon entered the world of cameras with an electronic viewfinder and a 36 mm sensor wisely and in calm manner. Other models are being prepared and, as is clear from the first experience, which I have tried to summarize in these four articles, we really have a lot to look forward to. As Fine Art photographer and customer, of course, I demand and expect, that important photographic features will not be submerged under the pressure of superficiality and ephemeral fashion for insignificant elements for making movies.

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Canon R and RF (this article).

Finally, I would like to emphasize, that this (or any other) my article is not supported or influenced by any company or person.

Thank you for the attention, you paid to these articles and I look forward to meeting at new photographs and other reading.

© Martin Mojzis, 2019.
Photograph: © Martin Mojzis, 2018.

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