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Fujifilm X-T100, right back side.



May 25, 2018.
In the ►article, dedicated to unpleasant artifacts, which sometimes create in photographies Sony image sensors with Fujifilm X-Trans mosaic, in the end I thought, the only correct way would be to leave them. It has been in April 2017. And look, yesterday Fujifilm introduced the third camera, whose heart is an image sensor with classic Bayer mosaic: X-T100. So still interpolation, but at least lesser and without artifacts.

So will Fujifilm end up with the X-Trans completely? Maybe yes. The key question is under what conditions a Sony co-operation agreement was concluded. If Fujifilm must yet to buy Sony X-Trans series of sensors (perhaps because of a commitment to demand the lowest purchase price), then this failed product in one of the future models will reappear. However, it is possible to speculate, that the unobtrusive rise of models with ordinary sensors (GFX-50s, X-A5 and now X-T100) is to let the earlier false glorification of X-Trans with the dust slowly fall into place and so quietly and without any greater risk of customer confidence follow the mainstream. For photography it would be only good.

Fujifilm X-T100, top view.

X-T100 is also in other ways sympatic photography camera. Recommended price should be 600 EUR. Sensor is APS-C size with 24 Mpx resolution (6000 x 4000 px). Rear screen is fully articulated, mount Fujifilm X. Due to the price of the camera, an increased number of control wheels is also interesting - four specimens can be found here. The red furuncle next to the shutter release button, the illness of many current cameras, will need to be cured with a drop of paint or tape.

Fujifilm X-T100, three different color variants.

Those who like Fujifilm lenses and do not want to spoil their excellent performance with ugly artifacts, now have the opportunity to take advantage of this optics without unnecessary compromise. GFX-50S is still a camera designed for a relatively small group of photographers and X-A5 is missing viewfinder. So the X-T100 seems to be the starting point, at least according to the information available now.

© Martin Mojzis, 2018.
Photographies: © Fujifilm.

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