Martin Mojzis / Fine Art Photography and Graphic Art Atelier.



"I was born in Prague in the spring of 1973. In my youth I composed music and lyrics, played many musical instruments, wrote poems and prose. Photography was fascinating to me later, but that's all the more. The first job I photographed just on film.

In 2006 I was with a help of friend ►Jan Pischnoth found my own photography and graphic art atelier (studio).

I began to photograph products, houses and interiors. I had a portrait period too, but it was not for me. I also continued the graphic designs, typesetting and page breaks, the first catalogues and other publications were created, I designed websites etc.

At that time, during freezing months at the turn of 2006 and 2007 years, the first photographs of my free creation were born. At first collection ►Searching, after it Moments and Escapes. Compositions Blending and Searching 2010 later resulted in two most extensive collections: ►Different Landscapes and ►Diaries.

In 2016 my atelier celebrated 10th anniversary. The free creation is represented by large-format author photographies, especially landscapes and still life. I create product photographies, pictures of transportation, especially railways, architecture and interiors. I'm photographing industry, energetics and manufacturing processes. I design and create commercial graphics. My clients include dozens companies, a lot of of my works has been published in many media.

In future I would like to organize more exhibitions of my fine art photography."


2014 – Langhans Palace, Prague.
2006 – Flora Palace, Prague.

►, Sweden.